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Where Does Vegan Leather Come From?

Where Does Vegan Leather Come From?

Leather clothing and accessories have always been a big part of the fashion world. However, consumers have been moving towards cruelty-free brands and eco-friendly products in recent years. So, what should you do if you love the look of leather but don’t want to wear the real thing? Of course, the answer is to wear vegan leather. There are many brands who use vegan leather to make trendy bags, clothing and even shoes for those who care about animals and the environment.

What is Vegan Leather?

Vegan leather is a compound that is formed from the polymer called polyurethane. This polymer is a complex mix of materials that are sustainable such as cork, apple peels, pineapple leaves, and other leftover fruit waste. There is even several parts of recycled plastic in the mixture which helps get rid of waste from the planet while also providing a stylish alternative to animal skin. Although the name implies that it is leather, it simply mimics the look and feel of leather while being eco-friendly and much more durable.

Is Vegan Leather New?

Although more big brands are starting to use vegan leather in their designs and products, the material has been around for quite some time. Most people refer to vegan leather as pleather is just fake leather. Although plastic is bad for the planet, vegan leather makes use of old plastic that would otherwise take up space in a landfill. The end result is a sustainable source of quality material that doesn’t harm animals or the planet.

Does Vegan Leather Really Reduce Carbon Emissions?

The best way to reduce your carbon footprint is to stop eating meat completely or at least reduce your consumption. While not everyone is interested in following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, making fashion choices that don’t use animals is much easier. Cutting animal skin out of your wardrobe choices is the second-best way to reduce the number of greenhouse gasses you create as a consumer. People make changes with their wallets and the vegan leather industry is on track to be worth more than $85 billion dollars within the next five years.

Is Vegan Leather Really Trendy?

You might be surprised at how many popular brands release fashionable products that are crafted with vegan leather. Many people who purchase these products are not able to tell the difference visually between real animal skin and vegan leather. By creating products that are sustainable, soft, and supple enough to rival leather, you not only help save animals, but you also change the way consumers are thinking. Big brands such as Matt & Nat, OlsenHaus, Umasan, Doshi and many more are leading the charge by outfitting stars and the masses alike in a beautiful, sustainable vegan-friendly fashion.


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