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Ready Made Lunch Jars- Hot or Flop?

Ready Made Lunch Jars- Hot or Flop?

Making your meals in a jar is an interesting idea but is it really sustainable? Packing new and different foods for lunch can get intimidating and keeping your meals healthy can be very complex. One way to combat the daily chore that comes with mealtimes is by preparing a few days worth of lunches in advance- all inside environmentally friendly glass jars.

This is a great option for people who are on a diet, have special meal restrictions, or who just wants to find a way to eat healthier by preparing their meals at home. Readymade lunch jars are also a great way to send the kids to school with a nutritious meal to help them stay energized all day.

How To Make A Meal In A Jar

Making a meal in a jar is all about layering. If you are making a salad, layer the dressing and other wet ingredients on the bottom and then add your leafy greens on top. Close the lid tightly and refrigerate.

Another lunch favorite is oats in a jar, and of course, layering is also important. If you want your oats to be soft and creamy come lunch time, then put them on the bottom. Then layer your wet ingredients on top. If you prefer crunchy oats, layer them in reverse with your oats on top.

For savory meals in a jar like pasta or macaroni and cheese, it’s a little different. You will need to pre-cook your pasta in advance, perhaps enough for several days. Make sure your jars are dry and then layer the pasta at the bottom of the jar. Next layer in your cheese, then meats, and then finally your sauces. When it’s time to eat, give them a little shake, heat and go!

How To Eat A Meal In A Jar

Depending on the meal, eating all you have to do is shake and eat it directly from the jar. You can also pour it on a plate and enjoy your healthy lunch. If you have a savory meal, simply remove the cap, pop it in the microwave and Bon appetite!


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