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The world of video gaming has transformed tremendously over the last 20 years. In the early days, gaming was a 2-D experience with bulky equipment and simple visuals. On top of that, most gaming was done alone unless your friends came over after school to hang out in your living room until your parents chased them away.

In the late 2000s, there was a large shift as gaming tournaments and competitions became more mainstream. This attracted views, spectators and hardcore gamers turning the idle pastime into a professional hobby. As developers started taking notice of the shift in the popularity of multi-player gaming, most games started to have integrated features that allowed for in-game competitions.

What is eGaming?

eGaming is the basic term used to describe recreational games played on the internet, computer, smartphone, or gaming console. These games must be interactive and multiplayer to fall under the heading of eGaming. According to surveys over the last year, worldwide numbers indicate that players over the age of 18 spend at least 3 hours a week on online multiplayer games and at least half of that number consider themselves to be hardcore gamers.

The Current State of eGaming

As we enter 2020, video gaming has evolved from an idle pastime or networking activity into a fully-fledged sport that goes so far as to generate income for many top players. eGaming is basically organized multiplayer gaming events between professional players, hardcore gamers and upcoming game developers. Most of these competitions start off at a local level with the winners of each set moving on to larger forums of competition. A lot of these eGaming competitions and tournaments will often reach global levels.

While many people feel that eGaming is dead, it has in fact evolved into a more of a sport than an idle activity for bored teenagers. eGaming offers dedicated players engaging content, branding opportunities and internet fame the world over. In 2016 eGaming was only in its formative stages raking in worldwide revenues close to 500 million annually. With its current growth trend, the niche is expected to reach a revenue generation of 1.5 billion by 2020 which marks and increase in growth of 32%.

What is the Future of eGaming?

As technology improves the world becomes more connected and gaming experiences are becoming more realistic than ever. With so many immersive options for eGaming, it makes sense that the sector will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Social sites such as Twitch encourage users to share their eGaming progress in real-time while gathering followers, fans, and even generating a high amount of income. Far from being dead, eGaming is just getting started and will see more and more new players join the fold as the working population increases.

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