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Catvertising- Emerging Trend Or Breakthrough Advertising Method?

Catvertising- Emerging Trend Or Breakthrough Advertising Method?

Cats have a weird draw for people from all walks of life. There are videos dedicated to immortalizing their antics and countless types of merchandise that feature the furry pet when it comes innocent entertainment, you should know that cat’s can also be a huge marketing tool for online business pages. Using cats to help promote your webpage is a real thing and one that works extremely well.

Catvertising – What is it?

Catvertising is basically advertising a product or service using cats. Any product or service can catvertise, even if it has nothing to do with the furry felines. There have been several marketing studies that delved into which ads were more effective in a broad range of markets, and above all, cat’s and babies ranked among the most viewed.

Does it Really Work?

Devote an hour in front of your TV or browsing your regular internet sites. You may notice that a significant majority of the advertisements you see contain one or more cats. Commercials, print advertisements, and even visual advertisements are using cats to capture your attention and cause you to spend money on various products. Marketers started off using pets as an emerging trend in advertising and once the popularity of such marketing methods took root, it has come to be one of the go-to formulas for advertising campaigns.

Why Do Cats Sell?

You may be pondering what makes cats so special, after all, the product should be the lure. Cats are cute, and they are also experts at the projection of human emotion. While the product you or any company may be trying to sell to the masses may be revolutionary, you have to get people to buy it to be successful. Some products or topics are simply boring. Take, for example, an advertisement about allergy medication or garbage pickup. There really isn’t much to say since they are self-explanatory, which can result in a boring commercial. Once you include cats into the equation, you have an instant audience who will be more likely to remember your product and follow through with a purchase.

Is It Really Mainstream?

You may think that using cats to sell a product is reserved for smaller companies or those who cater to a niche group of customers. This can’t be further from the truth. Even not long-ago GMC used their brand of catvertisement in a recent video for one of their new models of cars. It was quite charming, and even though most people may not be in the market for a new car, the fact that a cat is in the advertisement will make sure that GMC sticks in their mind when they are.

The Bottom Line

There was a time when putting house pets in advertisements represented an emerging trend, but like all things that have to do with cats, its set to dominate the world. If you are looking to add some easy boost to your advertising, consider placing a fluffy friend among your products.


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