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Great Trendy Wallets For Men: HAK WALLET

Great Trendy Wallets For Men: HAK WALLET

Over the past few years, the trend of carrying heavy, bulky leather wallets has changed to those that offer a smaller profile. Sleek minimalist wallets that fit easily in the pocket or even in one’s computer bag have gained popularity among men of all ages.

This change in styles is due to a myriad of reasons. As technology has advanced, the need for large sums of cash has switched over to credit and debit cards. Even more, men are carrying less plastic in their wallets as the number of cardless payment options and mobile payment options increase. Most men will only carry a few bills around for emergencies which makes having a simple yet stylish wallet more essential than ever.

Beat The Trends

With the increase in mobile payments and card payments, the market has been flooded with new designs of trendy slimline wallets. No matter how far technology advances, men will always prefer to have a wallet handy so now the focus is on design, adaptability, and durability. Unlike purses which women may change on a daily basis to match their outfit, men like to have one or two trustworthy wallets they can depend on. That means choosing a good design and easily wearable color will play a big role in what a man ultimately chooses to purchase. If you are looking for a wallet that is conservative enough for the office but fun enough for the weekend, then perhaps a trendy reversible wallet is just what you need.

Reversible Wallets

The Reversible Wallet Yellow 360 by HAK a minimalists dream. It is the perfect size for men who are always on the go and will sit perfectly in the front or rear pocket. It has a slim build but can hold several credit cards, your id, cash, a memory card and even has a secret compartment. The build accommodates everything you need to have on hand without creating that trademark wallet bulge of years gone by.

The best thing about this wallet and other styles from the reversible wallet line is the fact that you can change up your style on a whim. You can use one configuration for your work bound excursions and flip it over for a fun night on the town. Reversible wallets are like having an expansive wallet wardrobe in your pocket! All you have to do for a new look is to flip them inside out to match your current outfit.

Each of these wallets has a capacity to hold 10 plastic cards comfortably without losing the sleek minimalist profile you love.



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